State-of-the-art SMART Towing Technology

We are an experienced, full-service towing provider specializing in private property towing for multifamily, residential, commercial, mixed-use, pay-to-park, event parking, open-surface and garage parking facilities. Our state-of-the-art SMART Towing Technology features app-based client portals for towing transparency. We offer a mobile app for our clients, allowing them to request services from their smartphones, and our online client portals deliver alerts and reports of towing activity in real-time. All photos of towed vehicles are immediately available and archived. Our online parking permit management software comes with live adjustable “do not tow” lists to prevent any potential mishaps. We offer our services, including a live dispatch, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The state of Texas is STRICT about non-consent towing with regards to licensing and insurance. A & A Wrecker & Recovery is fully insured and licensed, which is a guarantee not every towing company in the area can provide. Anything less would be illegal! We also offer towing education, which is our training program for property owners, managers and representatives. We proudly provide the service you deserve with the expertise and credentials you can trust!


Towing Services

As a towing company, we specialize in private property towing for property owners, managers and representatives. We impound vehicles in our three licensed vehicle storage facilities. We also provide consent storage and towing services along with roadside assistance for individual clients. We offer towing education to establish a mutual understanding of current laws, regulations, and protocol with our clients. Topics include changes, updates and clarification of towing laws, rights of the property representative, rights of the vehicle owner or operator, maintaining compliance, what’s enforceable and what is not. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Private property impounding
  • Incident management (law enforcement impounds)
  • Emergency towing and roadside services
  • Private property towing management
  • Comprehensive parking permit system

Why Choose A&A?

Having been around for 16 years, we have established and grown ourselves to become a fixture of the Austin, Texas towing industry. We have worked to pioneer cutting-edge digital SMART Towing Management Technology that allows our clients to see the status of their jobs in real-time, making requests, viewing photos, and managing lists as you see fit.

How much do you know about your current tow company’s credentials? Not every towing company is as up-to-date on insurance and licensing renewals as we are, and thus many businesses operate under technical illegalities. We don’t want the question of legality to ever come near our clients, so we guarantee our company consistently maintains the latest certifications and licenses.

We have three vehicle storage facilities throughout Austin, which are all run by employees who are certified to handle impounded vehicles. Simply put, we’re the most reliable choice when it comes to private property towing in Austin, Texas.


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"They are pretty fair, owner is very knowledgeable about the law and listen to her clients and business needs."

- Diana S.

"24 hour wrecker service, good and careful service staff that knew what they were doing."

- James G.

"Very fair for a tow business. If there's a problem they do take it serious. They take pride in being the best in the business tow wise & in customer service & satisfaction."

- Trish R.